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Salice Hinge and Plate for 3/8" Lipped Face Frame Doors


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Face Frame 3/8' Inset Hinges

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Home > Hardware > Hinges > Face Frame Hinges > Face Frame 3/8' Inset Hinges > Salice Hinge and Plate for ...

Salice Hinge and Plate for 3/8" Lipped Face Frame Doors


Buy Salice Hinge and Plate for 3/8 Lipped Face Frame Doors

Item No.ItemPrice
24964Salicereg Hinge and Plate for 38 Lipped Doors$30.99

Technical Details:
  • Conceals knuckle and gives complete control for three-way cam adjustability.
  • Ideal for retrofitting cabinetry dating back to the 1940s.
  • 5/8” clearance is required on the back edge of the face frame for the mounting plate to be attached properly.
  • 110" opening.
  • Snap-close.
  • With side, depth and height adjustment.
  • For Face Frame Cabinets
  • 35mm Diameter cup and 9mm deep metal cup.
  • Includes mounting hardware and instructions.
  • Rockler Exclusive

What's in the Box?

Pair of Salice Hinge and Plate for 3/8" Lipped Doors, screws and instructions

Rockler Advantage - Hinges
    The Rockler Advantage:
  • Hinges are sold by the pair
  • Mounting screws are included
  • Mounting plates are included
  • Step - by - Step instructions
  • Expert guidance and tech support at
  • See below for a large selection of JIG-ITs to make installation a breeze
Overlay or Inset - what's the difference?

110 deg. opening for face frame 3/8
110 deg. opening for 3/8" Lipped Face Frame Doors
  • blumSalice has been a leader in the hinge industry for over 50 years, making them a favorite choice amongst cabinetmakers and do-it-yourselfers.
  • Salice hinges are conveniently adjustable, making installation easy.
  • Salice is ISO 9001 certified which means that you are assured of consistent quality in every Salice hinge.
  • All Salice hinges are come with mounting screws.
Overlay or Inset - What's the difference?
Close Styles
Self-closing hinges are an ideal for cabinets. The built-in spring pulls the door closed and holds it in a closed position, eliminating the need for catches.

Soft-closing hinges have an adjustable action that, when your door is pushed closed, automatically takes over and brings your door to a whisper-soft close.

Free-swing hinges are most often used in furniture applications, rather than cabinet applications.

3 - Way adjustability.

Three-way independent adjustment means uniform cabinetry!
Blum "European-style" hinges are easily adjustable for foolproof installation! Simply turn a screw or cam to make sideway and height adjustments for perfect cabinet door alignment. Some hinges also offer a depth adjustment, making installation easy even where minor cabinet irregularities exist!

Side AdjustmentSide Adjustment
Regulates the gaps between doors, cabinets and walls for perfect parallel alignment.
Height AdjustmentHeight Adjustment
They match precisely at top and bottom.
Depth AdjustmentDepth Adjustment
Lets you bring any style of door into line with the vertical surface of the cabinet.
How many hinges and how much adjustability?

Use the chart to determine how many hinges you'll need for the height and weight of your door.

A door that is 43" high and weighs 14 lbs. requires three hinges. If your door is only 24" high but weighs 14 lbs., go with three hinges for maximum support and stability.

Use on 5/8" - 3/4" doors unless otherwise noted.

See how many hinges you will need for how heigh your door measures
Make installation easy with our JIG IT Systems

Make installation easy with Rockler JIG IT® Systems!
JIG ITs make mounting hinges easier, faster, and more accurate by minimizing setup time and eliminating variations from measuring and marking. Choosing the right JIG IT is your first step!

Single JIG IT SystemSingle JIG IT System
Drill concealed 35mm hinge cup holes one hinge at a time with ease and accuracy. Jig ITs perfectly align holes for mounting hinges to doors.
Mulit - Tool JIG IT SystemMulti-Tool Rail JIG IT System
An extension of our Single JIG IT, this system lets you quickly and easily locate, center and drill multiple cup holes with one setup. Comes with two templates that can be repositioned along a T-track. Includes stopp for quick setup. Try additional Single JIG ITs to drill more than two hinges at a time.
HInge cup drilling jigsHinge Cup Drilling JIG IT for Drill Press
Simply align your fence with this JIG IT and start drilling holes for 35mm or 26mm cup hinges! Delivers consistently accurate holes set to the proper depth and position.
Mounting Plate JIG IT template AMounting Plate JIG IT Template
Makes it a snap to drill perfect holes for hinge mounting plates. Hold the JIG IT tight to your door edge and drill your holes with our Self-Centering Bits.

Self - Centering BitsSelf-Centering Bits
Self-Centering Bits provides perfect alignment by seating into the countersunk hole of your hardware. The bit's spring-loaded collar prevents shifting and drifting while drilling, ensuring perfectly centered pilot holes.

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Home > Hardware > Hinges > Face Frame Hinges > Face Frame 3/8' Inset Hinges > Salice Hinge and Plate for ...

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